The Shadow Book
The Shadow Drive Platform
The Shadow Drive platform is designed to support entire ecosystems being built on top of it. Shadow Drive storage is deterministic to allow for ease of use. While other storage protocols require the user to wait for data to be uploaded in order to generate a URI, Shadow Drive has a deterministic scheme:<storage-account-pubkey>/<file-name>
Info can be prepped for uploads, index, the creation of custom RPC calls, etc in advance. Meaning, application developers will find it much easier to pre-plan their builds in advance.
Builders can interact directly with Shadow Drive using the Shadow Drive CLI or use the Shadow Drive SDK to build front-end applications directly on top of the drive.
It is our goal to empower developers to integrate Shadow Drive directly into their builds and to support this incredibly talented community of designers who will absolutely come up with better platforms for Shadow Drive than we could possibly come up with on our own!
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