The Shadow Book
The Shadow Ecosystem
Welcome to the Shadows...
The Shadow Ecosystem is a series of trustless permissionless infrastructure layers focused on decentralizing the web2 stack and adapting it for the web3 world. Powered by Shadow Operators, the network provides members of the Solana ecosystem a mechanism to continue the decentralization of the Solana network.
The foundation the Shadow Ecosystem is the Shadow Drive, a trustless decentralized storage layer optimized specifically for the Solana blockchain. The Ecosystem is powered by a network of independent Shadow Operators who contribute compute and storage resources to the decentralized network.
Built on top of that foundation is the Shadow Net. The Shadow Net is an L2 solution for the Solana network that allows developers to push a button and deploy a private instance of the Solana blockchain with all program accounts preloaded. The Shadow Token acts as the gas fee token for what is a complete recreation of the current state of the Solana network at the time of creation. Close integration with the Solana Wormhole allows builders to not only have a closed loop environment to build in, but also allows for any transactions to be included in the Solana Mainnet chain.
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