The Shadow Book
Shadow Operators
Independent Operators powering a trustless permissionless network
Shadow Operators are independent members of the Solana community who maintain servers in order to actively contribute compute and storage to the Shadow Protocol's decentralized network of servers.
They operate in a trustless permissionless environment and in exchange for their efforts receive rewards in the form of $SHDW. Being a Shadow Operator is the only way to earn single sided staking rewards in $SHDW.
There are multiple considerations at play for Shadow Operators that are very important to understand before becoming a Shadow Operator.
Being a Shadow Operator is something which should be taken seriously. Anyone can learn to become a Shadow Operator but it should be understood that this is not a "set it and forget it" thing.
When the Shadow Operator program moves into live Mainnet beta please note that all things are subject to change, as they are with any beta.
Maintaining the stability of the Solana network and efficiently processing the requests of its users are the highest priorities of Shadow Operators. Any actions taken by Shadow Operators designed to "game the system" could result in changes to the program to ensure that stability and efficiency, and perhaps result in consequences for the Operator.
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