The Shadow Drive is a new approach to on-chain storage and is built specifically for the Solana blockchain, while retaining the ability to become a polychain service in the future. Other web3 storage providers have attempted to integrate with Solana in the past and have had only marginal success. Shadow Drive solves this by integrating directly with the Proof of History consensus mechanism, passing on-chain events for consensus approval by the Solana validator network which prove the continued existence and integrity of the stored data.
The idea for Shadow Drive was founded on the premise that the Solana network is largely misunderstood in terms of what it was built to achieve. By understanding what it truly means to be the world’s most performant state machine, you realize that Solana can be used to reach consensus and maintain state on nearly anything.
Whereas other decentralized storage providers require multiple layers in order to make their solution viable (i.e. Arweave does storage, but to make uploads faster you need to use Bundlr, and then in order to serve the data in any kind of a useful way you need to use ArDrive), Shadow Drive builds everything in to one platform.
When a user commits their $SHDW to Shadow Drive for storage they are not only provided with storage space, but also with incredibly fast batched uploads and a robust CDN. This ensures their content is stored quickly, efficiently, and delivered at speeds that makes Shadow Drive a truly viable solution for projects that need speed, stability, and efficiency.
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