GenesysGo was founded by Frank & Steven in February 2021 and was originally meant to be just two friends who have a passion for hardware running a validator.
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Shortly after the GenesysGo Validator (now the Shadowy Super Coder DAO validator) was created the team saw an opportunity to help contribute to strengthening the infrastructure of the Solana network by turning their focus to RPC servers.
Over the course of 2021, GenesysGo went on to build one of the largest RPC networks on Solana completely from scratch. No VC funding... no strategic partners... no inside connections... just two friends building servers.
We went project by project helping new Solana teams better understand how back end hardware infrastructure works on Solana and why it's different than on other chains. After many sleepless nights and hardcore grinding, GenesysGo was powering over 50% of all traffic on Solana.
On November 3rd, 2021 GenesysGo released the Shadowy Super Coder NFT collection on Solana!
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Our goal was not to launch another NFT on Solana, rather it was to help advance the NFT meta on Solana beyond just launching another pfp project. We had long been fascinated by NFTs as a tool and so we launched the SSC NFT with a focus on utility rather than rarity and the SSC NFT was one of the first Solana NFTs to provide a staking mechanism.
The Shadowy Super Coder NFT quickly rocketed to become one of the top 5 NFTs on Solana and has not left the top 5 since its arrival. It occupied the #1 slot by marketcap on many occasions. Which is not bad for an NFT launched by an infrastructure project!
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All royalties from the SSC NFT also go towards providing the Solana ecosystem with high throughput RPC network access at no cost.
Shortly thereafter, we recognized another huge need in the Solana ecosystem... the need for Solana optimized decentralized on-chain storage. At which point, we began building and have since launched the Shadow Drive!
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